leaf patterns

A few weeks ago I made it to the botanical garden in Berlin. It’s huge and awesome, if you live here I definitely recommend it. I went with a friend and we had a blast looking at the strange and beautiful tropical plants. I got tons of great inspiration for patterns, and took a bunch of pictures for reference. Here are a few of some crazy cool leaves






I don’t know if those last two classify as leaves, but I love how funky they are! We saw a bunch of other great things so I’ll post some more pictures soon

Thrifting finds!

I’ve recently gotten back into sewing, and this time I’ve starting quilting. I’ve made a couple of simple quilts in the past, but now I’m starting to make more elaborate things and I’m already addicted. I’ve started to notice quilting patterns everywhere (hello, pinterest) AND quilting is a great excuse to buy more fabric, which I obviously love. Because fabric is so expensive here I’ve been scouring thrift stores for old sheets, pillow cases, table cloths, even clothing that could work as quilting fabric. I had a great find today and bought tons of new things for only €4! There’s a little thrift store nearby my house that I discovered while aimlessly wondering around on one of my first days in Berlin. It’s run by a friendly couple, and is my favorite kind of thrift store, where there are boxes and piles of stuff to dig through, and everything is unmarked but always cheap. I took my bundle of sheets and pillow cases up to the counter and the guy shrugged and said “Vier fur alles?” I happily came home with this nice stack of new things to play with.



I think this orange pillowcase is so sweet, I don’t know what I’ll use it for yet because it’s pretty small but I just love the fabric.


Here are some other finds from last week. These both came from Humana, a chain of thrift stores which are usually clean and well organized but overpriced in my opinion. I just couldn’t resist these two tablecloths because they’re both so cheerful and bright!


CAM02271 CAM02272

Playing catch up

It’s been a little while since I wrote a post but I’ve been busy with a few trips, a new job, and some new quilting projects.

I spent two weeks in Provence with my mom and a few of her friends. We took a weeklong painting workshop in a beautiful old chateaux with lovely people and unbelievable food. I’m not a serious painter and I haven’t painted much since college, but it was really fun to play with color. I painted a bunch of odd abstract paintings while everyone else made beautiful plein air landscapes. After the workshop we spent some time exploring other little cities around Avignon.

Then I spent a few weeks being totally creatively stuck. I tried and tried to make some patterns, but in the end I put my sketchbook down and started to make a quilt. I used this pattern from Michael Ann Made. I changed mine a little, and lined up the fabric to make more of a chevron than a herringbone.
I love the way the top turned out, and now I’m just waiting to find to find the perfect fabric for the back. Fabric is really expensive in Berlin (about 12€ per meter… yeah) but you can find good deals at markets or of course at thrift stores. After reading Jeni Baker’s blog, In Color Order, I was reminded that I used to buy tons of old sheets at thrift stores for sewing. I have a nice but small collection of prints and a few solid colors, but now that I’m addicted to quilting I want MORE! so I’ve started thrift hunting again. I’ve found a couple good ones, but I have to say I’m really missing my old thrifting haunts in Davis and Sacramento.

We had some friends stay with us a few weeks ago, which was lovely. I like having people come visit us because, a. it gets me to clean the house and make it look really nice and b. I do things with them that I wouldn’t normally do, like go to museums and restaurants I’ve always meant to try. The day after they left we flew to Mallorca to see our friends who used to live in Berlin. It was a great weekend, with lots of swimming in the ocean, eating (tapas! and homemade paella!!), fishing, and getting to spend time with these two lovely people.




After visiting them I can completely understand why they wanted to move back home after spending a year in Berlin. It’s such a beautiful island with it’s own unique culture and language.