my favorite cafes in Berlin

Berlin has about a thousand and one amazing cafes. It’s one of my favorite things about the city actually. I’ve got a long list of cafes on my “to check out” list. But for now here’s a short list:

3 of my favorite cafes in Berlin.

myxa cafe berlin
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1. Myxa

For: cozy atmosphere, working all day with good internet, fresh teas, nice snacks and fantastic cakes (especially the gf chocolate cake- get it with ice cream).

This is where I go when I am meeting with friends to buckle down and spend 6 hours working. I can always get a table (I love the back room) and they have a good range of snack food to real meal food.


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2. Roamers

For: hipster atmosphere and great people watching, pretty plants, fresh squeezed juices, and amazing heaping sandwiches.

This is a nice place to meet a friend for a coffee or lunch. It’s really popular and can be hard to find a table so it’s not the ideal spot to work, but the food is outstanding. Seriously. Plus, check out their instagram– these are clearly people who love food (and care about aesthetics! the best combination in my opinion).


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3. Wonderpots

For: bright and clean atmosphere, working for a few hours, fun music, frozen yogurt with all the toppings

Okay, I’ll admit that I go here often because it’s so close to my house. But it made it onto this list because it’s just so pleasant. It gets plenty of sunshine and it has a nice student feel because it’s right next to Humboldt Universität. There’s always a table and the chai lattes are awesome.

Verpackungsmuseum Heidelberg

When I saw the sign for the Verpackungsmuseum in Altstadt Heidelberg, I couldn’t imagine what it would be- a museum dedicated to cardboard boxes and styrofoam? So we checked it out, partly out of curiosity and partly for a laugh. But it was actually the coolest museum I’ve ever seen, so we went inside. It’s a small museum, full of amazing old packaging, machines that were used for wrapping chocolates and measuring out portions of coffee and beans, and great examples of vintage typography and graphic design.

Here are some tobacco and cigarette tins that I loved

DbEdN E3tiD gRP4h iswi6 kWjD0

leaves tea room


I’ve been going through a bit of a transformation lately. I’m moving away from pattern and surface design, and into graphic and web design. It’s not a totally new field for me, but since I’ve been focusing on patterns for the past few years I thought it would be good to create some projects for myself. This is one of them- a logo and menu for a (fictional) tea room, with hand drawn elements and typography.

CSS3 magic

This website is my new favorite. As someone who’s getting way into HTML and CSS at the moment, discovering this yesterday was the most inspiring thing.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 8.55.23 AM

They’ve got all kinds of resources, but what I’m crazy about right now is their “Playground” section. I came across these two articles while working on a project:

Ideas for Subtle Hover Effects

Creative Link Effects

And this is only the beginning! It’s more addictive than Facebook.

sketches from 2015

It’s a little late for New Years Resolutions, but this might fall under that category. I was having a conversation with Hannah (from Patternmash) about blogging, and how it’s something I mean to do more often than I actually do. I want to improve my blogging habits, but as a person who’s not a huge fan of writing, blogging is something that I make plans and lists about, and then put off. So, here is the start of my no-words blogging: images from my sketchbook!

Currently working on a little web design project- here are some of my initial sketches to decide on a layout for a landing page.img441