All Good Alchemy typeface

tincture bottlesAwhile ago I worked on a typography project for a really unique cosmetics company based in California. Naz makes small batches of limited edition “plant and aroma blends for body and soul.” Being a California hippie at heart, I love what Naz is doing and I really enjoyed working with her to create a typeface for her to use on product labels.

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new art supplies make the world go round

Last week I headed over to Modulor on my lunch break. If you are in Berlin and haven’t checked this place out, you need to go right now. It’s art supply heaven, with three floors of supplies and inspiration in every corner. I went there for a few new pens, but walked out with way more… All good things though! It was a great pick me up in the middle of a long week.

Here are my goodies:
steadtler pens

A whole set of Staedtler Triplus Color pens. I love the fiber tips on these (and of course the COLORS). These are 1 mm so they’re a nice change from my finer pens, and they draw beautiful smooth lines. They work great for lettering!

just my type simon garfield

I also got myself this book, Just My Type by Simon Garfield, which I haven’t put down. It’s great, and if you’re a font lover I highly recommend it. Who knew the history of fonts could be this funny and memorable?
And of course, I can’t resist buying a new notebook everytime I go into an art store. I love the cover on this one, and it has graph paper inside which is perfect for practicing hand lettering.

porcelain painter ceramic pen

Finally, a bit of an impulse buy… I’ve been wanting to experiment with ceramic pens for awhile after seeing some great tutorials on the web. I picked up this one in my favorite color. I can’t wait to try it out, and maybe get some more colors if it goes well! I had thought about ordering ceramic pens from Pebeo, but these ones were actually less expensive than the ones I’ve seen online (this one cost about 3€).

I’m looking forward to playing with all my new goodies this weekend. Have you bought any great new art supplies lately? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

introducing White Pine, a free font

UPDATE: this font is now 100% free, no tweeting or sharing required. You can download it directly here

Hello, I’m so excited to share the first font that I’ve created, White Pine! I created this while working on a logo for a client. They wanted a serif font with a hand drawn feel. I had trouble finding exactly what I wanted and decided to create it myself. Now you can download it and use it on your projects too! Just ‘pay’ with a tweet (or a facebook share). I’d love to see what you make with it, so don’t forget to share your project

This font is under the SIL Open Font License, so feel free to use it how you please.


Verpackungsmuseum Heidelberg

When I saw the sign for the Verpackungsmuseum in Altstadt Heidelberg, I couldn’t imagine what it would be- a museum dedicated to cardboard boxes and styrofoam? So we checked it out, partly out of curiosity and partly for a laugh. But it was actually the coolest museum I’ve ever seen, so we went inside. It’s a small museum, full of amazing old packaging, machines that were used for wrapping chocolates and measuring out portions of coffee and beans, and great examples of vintage typography and graphic design.

Here are some tobacco and cigarette tins that I loved

DbEdN E3tiD gRP4h iswi6 kWjD0

leaves tea room


I’ve been going through a bit of a transformation lately. I’m moving away from pattern and surface design, and into graphic and web design. It’s not a totally new field for me, but since I’ve been focusing on patterns for the past few years I thought it would be good to create some projects for myself. This is one of them- a logo and menu for a (fictional) tea room, with hand drawn elements and typography.